Reverse charging may come to the upcoming iPhone models

Image: EveryThingApplePro

In a new video from EverythingApplePro with information from Max Weinbach, we got some fresh rumors about Portrait mode video coming to the iPhone 12s as well some speculations as to why Apple is including a larger wireless charging coil than what is currently housed inside the iPhone 12 lineup.

The speculation? According to Max Weinbach, Apple is planning to include a “slightly bigger” wireless charging coil in this year’s iPhone 12s series to finally bring reverse wireless charging technology to the next iPhone. That would presumably also bring overall faster recharging times.

According to Max Weinbach, through EverythingAppleHoe, larger wireless charging coils would increase the surface area of where wireless charging can be induced. Weinbach had previously reported that the 2021 iPhones would feature stronger MagSafe magnets, which in the latest rumor, he reiterates could be a reason behind the increased coil size as well.